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Why bother with research training?

Access to information is a key tool for redirecting corporate and government actions. Disclosure is not everything, and information alone doesn't guarantee power, but it is one of the tools of the powerful. By providing research training, PIN can strengthen the critical work of activists around the world. PIN believes that activists will more effectively achieve their goals by obtaining and understanding information relevant to the group's goals and strategies, and by knowing how to distribute that information effectively within the group, among allied groups, to policy makers, the media, and the general public. Activists can earn how to gain access to meaningful information from a wide variety of sources, and learn how to apply that information strategically to achieve their chosen goals.

The format of training

PIN's training services are focused on Access & Action. Our services are flexible in form and content. Depending on participants' needs, PIN training services can be presented as

  independent seminars organized for your group or coalition

  workshops within larger conferences

  personalized consultation based on an individual's or group's needs

Training typically includes several elements:

  Explanations and illustrations of the value of information which show how research plays a critical role in political, economic, and environmental campaigns. Discussion of strategies for effective use of information in your work.

  Exploration of specific information sources. Information sources are critically evaluated for content, quality, price, and usefulness to your needs. PIN workshops can be based on one of several Activist Research Manuals, or on customized packets.

  Training in specific research methods includes demonstration and hands-on exercises in using the various human, printed and on-line sources of information.

  Application of information to real-life campaigns is made clear through exercises which relate to various strategies for the campaigns which participants are involved in, and shows how appropriate information can support their strategies.

  Follow-up support. PIN provides follow-up consultation for workshop attendees, and gives them priority research assistance and support.

How to arrange for research training

Activist research is participatory research. Ideally, community groups co-sponsor and help organize training workshops. If the sponsoring organization is not paying for the costs of the training, participants are often asked to make a nominal, sliding scale donation to cover the costs of materials. Contact PIN for further information and to arrange workshops.

To arrange customized research services or trainings, or for more information,
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