Endgame Research Services

Doing Research for You

We provide a wide range of services

  Customized research & writing

  Economic & political systems analyses

  Profiles of corporations & industries

  Training you to do your own research

We can help you collect, synthesize and deliver the most relevant information for you and your audience.

How to arrange for services

Reliable, cost-effective assistance and training is available by donation, by contract, or on a pro bono basis, depending on the nature and size of your organization. While the costs vary widely depending on the nature and scope of the project, our research services are accurate, thorough, and cost-effective.

Training You To Do Research

Why bother with research training?

Information alone doesn't guarantee power, but it is one of the tools of the powerful. Research is an art, but you can learn how to obtain information and how to distribute it effectively.

The elements of training

Training is focused on learning practical methods of research and sources of information. Depending on your needs, training is offered as a workshop for a group, or as personal consultation based on the needs of an individual or group. Trainings consist of several elements including

  Exploration of human, print, & online resources

  Demonstration & hands-on exercises

  Follow-up support and consultation

To arrange customized research services or trainings, or for more information
contact George Draffan by telephone 206-659-1954 or by