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Politics, Public Relations, & Trade Associations

Timber industry associations and Political Action Committees

American Forest & Paper Association http://www.afandpa.org/
AF&PA consists of 550 member corporations and related trade associations promoting "a policy and economic climate to remain competitive worldwide." AF&PA and its member corporations gave more than $8 million in political contributions from 1991 through June 1997, including $5.6 in PAC and $2.7 in soft money; top contributors include International Paper and Georgia Pacific ($1 million each) and Stone Container and Westvaco ($600,000 each). In return, AF&PA members have received more than $100 million in discounts on national forest timber during the same period; major beneficiaries of the U.S. Forest Service "road credit" program included Sierra Pacific ($20 million), Boise Cascade ($18.9 million), Wilamette Industries ($8.8 million), Weyerhaeuser ($7.5 million), Stone Container ($5.3 million), Plum Creek ($4.6 million), and Potlatch ($4.2 million).

American Forestry Association, Washington DC, 202-667-3300.

European Pulp & Paper Report http://europe.pulpandpaper.net/

ForestWeb links to associations, news, and schools http://www.forestweb.com/taf/links.taf

International Society of Foresters

International Society of Tropical Foresters

International Wood Products Association is "recognized as the voice of the imported wood industry, representing both producing countries and importers" http://www.iwpawood.org/

Society of American Foresters is the intellectual myth-making body for the industry in the U.S. http://www.safnet.org

TAPPI (Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry) http://www.tappi.org/

Western Wood Products Association  http://www.wwpa.org/


General Reference on Politics

Almanac of Federal PACs.

Associations Yellow Book.

Business Organizations, Agencies, and Publications Directory.

Center for Responsive Politics tracks corporate money in political campaigns and makes the U.S. Federal Election Commission data useable http://crp.org

Congressional Directory lists lobbyists and their clients twice a year.

Directory of Washington Representatives of American Associations lists lobbyists.

Encyclopedia of Associations.

Follow the Money Handbook.

Martindale and Hubbell Law Directory lists the corporate clients of law firms.

National Directory of Corporate Public Affairs gives data on the political and philanthropic data, PACs, lobbyists, and public affairs activities of many corporations.