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Wood & Paper Industry Analyses

Forest & Paper Products Corporations Ranked by Size


Forest Resource Assessment (UN ECE / FAO).

Mather, Alexander. Global Forest Resources. London: Belhaven; 1990.

State of the World's Forests (UN FAO).



Martone, Francesco. Overview on Current and Projected Trends in Trade, Production and Consumption of Pulp and Paper Products; Details on Main Paper TNCs; Trade Analysis for Selected Countries. Rome: Greenpeace; 1995.

United Nations Industrial Commodity Statistics Yearbook. (Ten-year time series of the production of wood products, and consumption of pulp and paper, by country).

United Nations International Trade Statistics Yearbook.

United Nations, Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO):

2002-2004 FAO Global Timber & Forest Products Assessmen http://www.unece.org/trade/timber/docs/fpama/2003/fpama2003a.htm

FAO Timber Bulletin. Six issues per year:

Forest Products Prices.

Forest Products Statistics.

Forest Products Annual Market Review.

Forest Fire Statistics.

Forest Products Trade Flow Data.

Forest Products Market and Prospects.

FAO Yearbook of Forest Products. (Detailed data by country on the production and trade of roundwood, fuelwood, charcoal, sawlogs, pulp, newsprint, paper and paperboard, including directions of trade).

Forest Genetic Resources Information.

Forest Harvesting Bulletin.

Monthly Bulletin of Tropical Forest Products in World Timber Trade.

Non-Wood News.

Projected Pulp & Paper Mills in the World.

Pulp & Paper Capacities.

State of the World's Forests (UN FAO).

The FAO's Internet site includes a searchable database of statistics. http://www.fao.org/

Wood Products: International Trade and Foreign Markets. is a quarterly bulletin from the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Foreign Agricultural Service. It is their Quarterly Circular Series WP. It's also available on-line via http://www.fas.usda.gov/

Transnational Corporations and the International Trade in Primary Commodities. United Nations E.95.II.F.84. 419 pp.


Sector Analyses: Pulp and Paper

American Forest and Paper Association http://www.afandpa.org/

Center for Paper Business and Industry Studies http://www.paperstudies.org/

Institute of Paper and Science Technology http://www.ipst.edu

Paper Age http://www.paperage.com/

Paperloop http://www.paperloop.com paper, printing, and converting industries

Pulp & Paper Asia

Pulp & Paper Canada http://www.pulpandpapercanada.com/

Pulp & Paper International

Lockwood-Post Directory. Lists pulp and paper mills. There are global, American, European, and Asian editions.(The global edition was formerly known as the PPI International Pulp & Paper Directory).

Pulp & Paper International. PPI International Fact & Price Book. San Francisco: Miller Freeman. (Current and historical overviews of the world pulp and paper industry, by sector and country; data on country imports, exports, and consumption; ranks and profiles the top 150 pulp and paper corporations).

Standard & Poor's Industry Surveys. (Includes the forest products industry).


Sector Analyses: Wood Products

American Forest and Paper Association http://www.afandpa.org/

Random Lengths Big Book lists lumber and panel mills by US state and Canadian province.


Environmental Analyses

Carrere, Ricardo and Larry Lohmann, Pulping the South: Industrial Treee Plantations & the World Paper Economy (Zed Books, 1996). Excellent overview of the structure and impacts of the paper industry and its tree plantations, with case studies of Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, South Africa, Indonesia, and Thailand.

Colchester, Marcus; Lohmann, Larry, editors. The Struggle for Land and the Fate of the Forests. London: Zed Books; 1993.

Dudley, Nigel, editor. Forests in Trouble: a Review of the Status of Temperate Forests Worldwide. Gland, Switzerland: World Wide Fund for Nature; 1992.

Dudley, Nigel; Stolton, Sue; Jeanrenaud, Jean-Paul. Pulp Fact: the Environmental and Social Impacts of the Pulp and Paper Industry. Gland, Switzerland: World Wide Fund for Nature; 1995.

Marchak, M. Patricia. Logging the Globe. (Montreal: McGill-Queen's University Press; 1995). Overviews of the North and South, with case studies on Thailand, Indonesia, Brazil, and Chile.