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Wood Products Industry, Government Agencies and Universities

Directory of Forest Products, Wood Science, and Marketing http://www.forestdirectory.com/ just as the Gaia Forest Conservation Archives is the best Internet site for news and links to forest activist campaigns, this is the best Internet site for news, analysis, and links to the timber industry itself. This website includes Financial Information on Forest Products, Pulp & Paper, and Other Wood Related Companies, links to timber corporation websites, and more.

American Forest and Paper Association http://www.afandpa.org/

Canada's Forest Network http://www.forest.ca/ Guide to Canadian Forest and Forest Product Information

ForestIndustry.Com http://www.forestind.com/

ForestWeb is the Global Trade Forum's Internet-based service for the industry http://www.forestweb.com/

Forest World http://www.forestworld.com/ "The Yahoo of the Forest Products Industry" includes an Internet directory, sustainable forests marketplace, the Sawlog Bulletin "service for the people who move the logs from the stump to the landing," events and conferences, classified ads, and employment opportunities.

Hardwood Review Online http://www.hardwoodreview.com

International Union of Forestry Research Organizations (IUFRO) http://iufro.boku.ac.at/

IRIS: The Internet's Forest Products Resource http://primusweb.com/forest/

Pulp & Paper Online http://www2.pulpandpaperonline.com/

Tappi (Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry) http://www.tappi.org

Tidepool http://tidepool.org/forest3.html

United Nations FAO Forestry http://www.fao.org/forestry/

USDA Foreign Agricultural Service http://www.fas.usda.gov/

WWW Virtual Library: Forestry http://www.metla.fi/info/vlib/forestry/

Yahoo Guide to WWW Forestry Listings http://www.yahoo.com/science/agriculture/forestry


General Business Websites Which May Include Links to Wood Products

CIBER Michigan State University directory of international business web sites http://ciber.bus.msu.edu/busres.htm/

Lexis Nexis is an expensive but useful database of business and legal information; try a university or business library to see if you can get access.

Pepperdine University Libraries: Company Information http://rigel.pepperdine.edu/guides/bibcos.htm/

Washington Researchers http://www.researchers.com

Web Links to Business http://web.idirect.com/~klg/indexbus.html