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Environmental Record & Natural Resources

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Major sources for tracking company- and industry-specific pollution problems in the United States include:

BNA Environment Reporter. Bureau of National Affairs. (Legal decisions).

Council on Economic Priorities, 30 Irving Place, New York NY 10003. (Its profiles rank timber corporations within the industry for pollution and health and safety).

Emergency Response Notification System (ERNS database). U.S. EPA.

National and state compliance profile reports. (Inquire at U.S. EPA and state environmental agency offices).

Right-To-Know Net http://rtk.net/. The best on-line resource for environmental and health and safety information; use RTK's versions of the EPA databases.

Site Enforcement Tracking System (SETS). U.S. EPA. (Lists parties responsible for hazardous waste sites).

Toxics Release Inventory (TRI). (Shows specific levels of pollution released from most manufacturing sites in the U.S. There are Internet, CD-ROM, and annual print publication. RTK Net's Internet version is easier to than the EPA's).