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Business Practices, Crime, & Monopoly


Illegal logging

Half of the timber cutting worldwide is illegal: public and private forests are poached, logs are smuggled across
international borders without paying fees and taxes, clearcuts are left unplanted, native peoples land rights are violated.

Illegal Logging and The International Trade in Illegally Sourced Timber. Timber Briefing for the 12CoP to CITES. How CITES can help and why it should. Environmental Investigation Agency, September 2001.

Illegal Timber Trade in the ASEAN Region: A Briefing Document for the Forestry Law Enforcement Conference Preparatory Meeting, Jakarta 2nd-3rd April 2001. Environmental Investigation Agency.


Mergers and acquisitions in the wood and paper industries is consolidating the control of a handful of corporations in each sector.
Antitrust decisions bear witness to this, but enforcement is casual, occasional, and ineffective.


Resources on Business Crime

Capitol Reports guide to federal and state agencies and laws http://www.caprep.com/

All Law: Your Internet Legal Gateway http://www.alllaw.com/

Legal Pad http://www.legal-pad.com/Index.html

Nolo Legal Research: On Paper and Online http://www.nolo.com/ChunkLR/LR.index.html

Corporate Crime Reporter Russell Mokhiber's excellent weekly loose-leaf news service can be found in law libraries.

Electronic Public Access to Information in U.S. Federal Courts http://www.uscourts.gov/PubAccess.html/

For specific crimes of timber corporations, see also the reports in the section on regional and country overviews.