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Lines of Business, Products & Brand Names

One place to find descriptions of a corporation's operations, products, and brand names is in its annual reports (SEC Form 10K) and its proxy statements (SEC Form 14DEF). For example, Potlatch's 1994 annual report identified its various facilities' sales volumes, capacities, actual production, and "fiber flows" (how many acres of what tree species were flowing through its mills). More recent reports are usually less revealing of specific operations.

Various corporate directories from Dun & Bradstreet and Moody's, and industry sector analyses from Standard & Poor's, also describe corporate operations and products.

Specific brand names for timber corporations may be difficult to identify, if only because many of the products are not designed for purchase by the consumer. Some brands for some corporations may be found in company annual reports and brochures, as well as in several commercial directories, including: