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Corporate Profiles, Directories, and History

Timber Corporations Ranked

Fortune magazine publishes an annual ranking of the top corporations in various industries. In 1996, the world's top forest and paper corporations (ranked by sales) were International Paper, Kimberly-Clark, Georgia-Pacific UPM-Kymmene Group, Weyerhaeuser, Oji Paper, and Nippon Paper Industries. The Fortune 500 list is available via the Internet at http://www.pathfinder.com/fortune

Ricardo Carrere and Larry Lohmann's Pulping the South: Industrial Treee Plantations & the World Paper Economy (Zed Books, 1996, pp. 106-113) ranks the world's top 65 paper producers, with brief comments about each corporation's operations.

PIMA's Papermaker ranks the top fifty North American paper corporations, and gives short profiles of each. (PIMA's Papermaker, June 1997, pp. 46-63)


Directories of Timber Corporations and Industry

Random Lengths Big Book lists lumber and panel mills by US state and Canadian province.

China Factbook. San Francisco: Miller Freeman.

CIS Factbook. San Francisco: Miller Freeman.

Lockwood-Post Directory. Lists pulp and paper mills. There are global, American, European, and Asian editions.(The global edition was formerly known as the PPI International Pulp & Paper Directory).

Pulp & Paper Company Profiles: Performance and Strategy Analysis of North American Paper Companies. San Francisco: Miller Freeman. (Profiles 90 U.S. and Canadian corporations).


Critical Corporate Profiles

Timber corporation profiles and Directory of Transnational Corporations from the Public Information Network.

Environmental Investigation Agency reports include profiles of timber corporations including their1996 Corporate Power, Corruption & the Destruction of the World's Forests http://eia-international.org/

Multinational Monitor has news, analysis, and profiles of corporations http://www.essential.org/monitor/monitor.html/

The Native Forest Network has some excellent corporate profiles which can be used as models http://green.net.au/boycott/bwchome.htm

Pacific Rim Forests Transnational Logging Projects and Activist Opposition http://www.contemposcribe.com/pacrim/timbtradeindex.htm


Standard Corporate Directories Which May Include Timber Corporations

Asian Company Handbook
. Tokyo: Toyo Keizai. (Data on more than 1,000 corporations listed on the stock exchanges of Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand).

CorporateInformation http://www.corporateinformation.com/

Directory of Chinese Manufacturers with Import & Export Rights. Beijing: China Foreign Economic Relations and Trade Publishing House.

Directory of Hong Kong Industries. Hong Kong Productivity Council.

Directory of Leading Private Companies.

Directory of the Russian Far East. London: Flegon Press.

EuroPages the European Business Directory http://www.europages.com/home-en.html

Everybody's Business: A Field Guide to the 400 Leading Companies in America, by Milton Moskowitz et al. New York Doubelday Currency, 1990. (The first 1980 edition was more critical of corporations).

FMM Directory of Malaysian Manufacturers. Kuala Lumpur: Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers.

Hoover's Handbooks. (Hoover's many handbooks include World Business, American Business, Private Companies, Billion Dollar Directory, Company Profiles on CD-ROM, Major European Companies, Major Latin American Companies, and directories for Texas, Southern California, New York, Chicago, and the media and computer industries. Check Hoover's Internet site http://www.hoovers.com/

International Directory of Importers/Asia Pacific. Healdsburg, CA: Blytmann International. (Indexed by product).

Kompass directories. (Many editions for different countries).

Korea Company Handbook. Seoul: Asia-Pacific Infoserv.

Major European Companies. Hoover's.

Major Latin American Companies. Hoover's.

Million Dollar Directory.

Moody's Manuals. (Financial profiles which include descriptions and history of operations, subsidiaries, and mergers).

Standard & Poor's Register of Corporations, Directors, and Executives.

Standard Trade & Industry Directory of Indonesia. Jakarta: PT Kompass Indonesia.

Standard Trade Index of Japan. Tokyo: Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry. (Corporations, agencies, trade associations; indexed by products imported and exported).

Worldscope database. (International equivalents of U.S. SEC documents: corporate management, subsidiaries, finances, and news).

The addresses of timber corporation offices and facilities may also be found by searching:

Hoover's includes 10,000 corporate capsules, SEC documents, and links to corporate Internet sites. http://www.hoovers.com

Switchboard http://www.switchboard.com/ can be used to find corporate offices.

Yahoo Finance http://finance.yahoo.com/ includes corporate profiles, links to corporate websites, and shareholder lists.


Corporate Histories

Standard reference works on corporate history include the Encyclopedia of American Business History and Biography and the International Directory of Company Histories. There are many regional and oral histories of timber corporations and the timber industry; for the U.S. histories, a good place to start is with Elwood R. Maunder and the Forest History Society

A unique resource which integrates historical and current news coverage is the Inland Empire Public Lands Council's Transitions journal (IEPLC, 517 S Division St, Spokane WA 99202, 509-838-4912, www.ieplc.org).

Duncan, Glenn. The Timber Beast: A Collection of Cartoons and How They Originated. Port Angeles, WA: Creative Communications, 1979.

News from the Wood Products Industry