Multimillion Dollar Fines & Settlements Paid by Corporations

compiled by George Draffan of

Note: this list is not complete; please e-mail any additions

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Links to coverage of corporate crime

Alien Tort Claims Act cases summarized by the corporate lobby group USA Engage.
Organizations using ATCA to fight corporate abuse include EarthRights International, Center for Constitutional Rights, and International Labor Rights Fund.

Anti-scofflaw proposal to keep corporate criminals from getting government contracts.


ECHO (Enforcement and Compliance History On-Line from the US EPA.

New Internationalist reports on world poverty and inequality; their July 2003 issue featured the Corporate Crime Wave.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police RECOL database

The Top 100 False Claims Act Settlements, Corporate Crime Reporter, Dec 30, 2003.


Controlling Corruption: The Sociology of White-Collar Crime. James William Coleman. St Martin's Press, 3rd edition, 1994.

Corporate Crime. Marshall B. Clinard and Peter C. Yeager. Free Press, 1980.

Encyclopedia of White Collar and Corporate Crime. Edited by Lawrence Salinger. Sage Publishers, 2004.

Power, Crime, and Mystification. Steven Box. Tavistock Publications, 1983.

10 Worst Corporations annual ranking
by Russell Mokhiber of the Corporate Crime Reporter
and Robert Weissman of the Multinational Monitor

Ten Worst Corporations of 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999

Top 100 Corporate Criminals of the 1990s

Wall Street Fine Tracker (Forbes magazine) shows total fines over $1 million totalling:
$ 4,397,000,000 in 2004 as of June 29
$ 4,214,800,000 in 2003
$ 2,955,050,000 in 2002
$ 332,700,000 in 2001

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